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Research Activities

Fundamental research in the field of healthcare

  1. Development of technologies for molecular genetic monitoring of solid malignant tumors using circulating nucleic acids (“liquid biopsy”) to optimize antitumor therapy.

Organizational scientific research

Organizational and informational support of fundamental, applied scientific research and experimental developments, as well as activities in the field of healthcare:

  1. Development and implementation of organizational and information technologies aimed at improving the efficiency of the functioning of the oncological service and the prevention of malignant neoplasms in the Russian Federation.

Applied scientific research in the field of healthcare

  1. Investigation of biological features of multipotent mesenchymal stromal cells (MMSCs) of adipose tissue (VT) in patients with malignant neoplasms of reproductive organs (ZNRO). To study the features of bone metabolism disorders in various oncourological diseases.
  2. Development of new effective screening methods for malignant neoplasms of reproductive organs. Organ-preserving treatment of invasive cervical cancer of stages 1a2 – 1b1. Conservative treatment of uterine body cancer in young patients. Investigation of the morpho-functional state of vitrified ovarian tissue of oncological patients in in vitro and in vivo systems and assessment of ovarian reserve in order to preserve reproductive function. Diagnosis, treatment and prevention of reproductive disorders in men.
  3. Diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of children with congenital and acquired diseases of the genitourinary system.
  4. Development of methods for minimally invasive diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of lower urinary tract disorders in children and adults. To study the pathogenesis and features of the innate immune response of the mucous membranes of the bladder in patients with recurrent infection of the lower urinary tract.
  5. Preclinical and clinical study of the possibilities of selective control of tumor radiosensitivity and protection from damage to normal tissues. 
  6. Optimization of cytological and histological diagnostics of precancerous and tumor diseases of various localizations through the use of modern high-tech research methods.
  7. Study of the pathogenesis of urolithiasis (ICD)
  8. Development of new technologies of nuclear medicine and optimization of radiation therapy of oncological diseases.
  9. Investigation of radiation risks of oncological morbidity and mortality in humans when exposed to ionizing radiation.
  10. To study the effectiveness of the use of male reproductive health as a tool for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

Registration certificates

P.A. Herzen MNIOI – branch of FSBI “NMIRC” The Ministry of Health of Russia is a leader in the development of scientific medical technologies approved by Roszdravnadzor for use in clinical practice.

List of permits for the use of new medical technologies:

  1. “Cytological examination in the field of lymphomas” FS No. 2011/024 of 11.03.2011.
  2. “Fluorescent diagnosis of skin cancer with the drug Alasens” FS No. 2011/090 dated 12.05.2011.
  3. “Method of preoperative staging of the tumor process in patients with localized and locally advanced prostate cancer” FS No. 2011/091 of 12.05.2011.
  4. “Non-contact modeling of revascularized bone autograft in reconstructive plastic surgery of the maxillofacial zone” FS No. 2011/101 dated 12.05.2011.
  5. “Nerve-preserving operations for rectal cancer” FS No. 2011/129 dated 05/20/2011.
  6. “Organ-preserving treatment of patients with stage I-II kidney cancer” FS No. 2011/209 dated 07/28/2011.
  7. “Method of formation of vesicourethral anastomosis in orthotopic plastic surgery of the bladder” FS No. 2011/259 of 01.09.2011.
  8. “Comprehensive prevention of complications of high-risk oncological operations in combination with physical methods of antitumor exposure” FS No. 2011/262 of 01.09.2011.
  9. “Complex treatment of patients with rectal cancer” FS No. 2011/263 dated 01.09.2011.
  10. “Extended pelvic lymphadenectomy in patients with prostate cancer” FS No. 2011/294 dated 09/26/2011.
  11. “Treatment of malignant tumors of the tongue using selective embolization of interstitial radiofrequency thermal ablation” FS No. 2011/303 dated 09/26/2011.
  12. “Prevention of complications of combined treatment of patients with malignant tumors of the head and neck” FS No. 2011/305 dated 09/26/2011.
  13. “Fluorescent endoscopic examination during rectoromanoscopy and colonoscopy of the rectum and sigmoid colon” FS No. 2011/328 dated 19.10.2011.
  14. “Invasive diagnosis of diffuse breast cancer” FS No. 2011/329 dated 19.10.2011.
  15. “Method of layered axilloplasty in radical mastectomy” FS No. 2011/366 dated 18.11.2011.
  16. “Method of intraoperative prevention of lymphorrhea in radical mastectomy using microsurgical technique” FS No. 2011/383 dated 11/22/2011.
  1. “Anesthesiological protection of the patient during extensive oncological operations” FS No. 2010/017 dated 27.01.2010.
  2. “Complex treatment for esophageal cancer” FS No. 2010/027 of 02/24/2010.
  3. “Surgical treatment of patients with gastric cancer of stages I and II” FS No. 2010/179 of 18.05.2010.
  4. “Ultrasound diagnosis and treatment of lymphocele after oncogynecological and oncourological operations with pelvic lymphadenectomy”  FS No. 2010/194 of 31.05.2010.
  5. “Immunocytochemical diagnosis of papillary cancer of the bristle gland” FS No. 2010/274 of 16.07.2010.
  6. “Method of primary breast defect plastic surgery in cancer” FS No. 2010/375 dated 13.10.2010.
  7. “Thoracoscopic and video-assisted operations for lung metastases” FS No. 2010/384 dated 10/26/2010
  1. “Cytological diagnosis of cancer using coherent phase microscopy” FS No. 2009/002 dated 19.01.2009.
  2. “Methodology of morphological examination of rectal cancer” FS No. 2009/017 dated 11.02.2009.
  3. “Bronchoplastic operations with the use of polybronchial anastomoses in malignant lung tumors” FS No. 2009/030 of 02/25/2009.
  4. “Organ-preserving operations for lung carcinoid tumors” FS No. 2009/044 of 18.03.2009.
  5. “Methods of temporary electrocardiostimulation in reducing the surgical and anesthesiological risk in cancer patients with severe cardiovascular diseases” FS 2009/059 of 31.03.2009.
  6. “Complex ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging in the diagnosis of endometrial cancer” FS ” 2009/065 of 07.04.2009.
  7. “Radical abdominal trachelectomy” FS 2009/070 from 09.04.2009
  8. “Method of functional-sparing treatment of patients with invasive cervical cancer” FS No. 2009/078 of 15.04.2009.
  9. “The use of three-dimensional echography for diagnosis, treatment planning and evaluation of the effectiveness of conservative antitumor therapy” FS No. 2009/093 of 28.04.2009.
  10. “Radical mastectomy for breast cancer” FS No. 2009/115 of 27.05.2009.
  11. “Fluorescent diagnostics of superficial bladder cancer with the use of the drug Alasens” FS No. 2009/116 of 27.05.2009.
  12. “Cytological examination of exudate and serous cavity using the immunocytochemical method” FS 2009/123 of 01.06.2009.
  13. “Cranioorbitofacial resections in common malignant tumors of the nose, paranasal sinuses and upper jaw” FS No. 2009/138 of 09.06.2009.
  14. “Chemoradiotherapy of patients with locally advanced cervical cancer” FS No. 2009/144 of 10.06.2009.
  15. “Laparoscopic adrenalectomy in oncology” FS No. 2009/145 of 11.06.2009.
  16. “Combined treatment of patients with rectal cancer using radiation therapy” FS No. 2009/148 of 11.06.2009.
  17. “Percutaneous radiofrequency thermal ablation in kidney cancer” FS No. 2009/149 of 06/15/2009.
  18. “Laparoscopic nephrectomy in oncology” FS No. 2009/150 dated 06/15/2009.
  19. “Thermoradotherapy of prostate cancer” FS No. 2009/152 dated 06/15/2009.
  20. “Functional and safe operations for laryngopharyngeal cancer” FS No. 2009/154 of 15.06.2009.
  21. “Radiofrequency thermal ablation of tumor lesions of bones” FS No. 2009/162 of 30.06.2009.
  22. “Decompression laminectomy with transpedicular fixation in case of a tumor lesion of the spine” FS No. 2009/164 of 30.06.2009.
  23. “Method of photodynamic therapy of initial cancer of hollow organs” FS No. 2009/169 of 01.07.2009.
  24. “Segmental resection with endoprosthetics in patients with tumor lesion of limb bones” FS No. 2009/178 of 02.07.2009.
  25. “Method of qualitative assessment of tenascin in malignant epithelial neoplasms” FS No. 2009/182 dated 02.07.2009.
  26. “Low-intensity laser therapy in the rehabilitation of cancer patients” FS No. 2009/200 dated 07/23/2009.
  27. “Surgical treatment of patients with stage IV gastric cancer” FS No. 2009/205 dated 07/23/2009.
  28. “Method of restoring voice function after laryngectomy for cancer” FS No. 2009/213 of 07/24/2009.
  29. “The use of air-plasma flow in radical mastextomy to prevent postoperative complications” FS No. 2009/240 of 29.07.2009.
  30. “Surgical treatment of locally advanced cancer of the larynx and larynx with the formation of a retrosternal tracheostomy” FS No. 2009/245 of 29.07.2009
  31. “Interstitial radiofrequency thermal ablation of malignant tumors of the tongue and the floor of the oral cavity using the complex “Metatom-2” FS No. 2009/258 of 12.08.2009.
  32. “Combined treatment of patients with sarcomas of bones and soft tissues of the maxillofacial zone” FS No. 2009/276 of 08/14/2009.
  33. “Computer analysis of the texture of images of nuclei in determining the differentiation of ductal breast cancer” FS No. 2009/282 of 17.08.2009.
  34. “Implantation of the intravascular port system” FS No. 2009/283 of 17.08.2009.
  35. “Method of quantitative assessment of tumor tissue vascularization” FS No. 2009/306 dated 04.09.2009. 
  36. “Surgical treatment of patients with initial endometrial cancer in reproductive age” FS No. 2009 353 dated 21.10.2009.
  37. “Surgical treatment of primary and recurrent non-organ retroperitoneal tumors” FS No. 2009/353 of 21.10.2009.
  38. “Combined treatment of patients with colon cancer using adjuvant chemotherapy” FS No. 2009/376 of 02.11.2009.
  1. “Surgical treatment of patients with malignant tumors of the trachea” FS No. 2008/022 Series AA ” 0001306 dated 08.02.2008.
  2. “Intensive drug therapy of postoperative complications in cancer patients” FS No. 2008/031 Series AA No. 0001313 dated 02/21/2008.
  3. “Cytoreductive surgery for colorectal cancer with distant metastases” FS No. 2008/085 Series AA No. 0001487 dated 28.05.2008.
  4. “Cytomorphometric diagnosis of dysplasia in benign tumors and dishormonal hyperplastic processes in the mammary gland” FS No. 2008/086 Series AA No. 0001485 dated 05/28/2008.
  5. “Preoperative differential cytological diagnosis of invasive ductal and invasive lobular breast cancer” FS No. 2008/087 Series AA No. 0001486 dated 05/28/2008.
  6. “Laparoscopic kidney resection” FS No. 2008/0901 Series AA No. 0001494 dated 05.06.2008.
  7. “Immunocytochemical study of cytological preparations using the method of liquid cytology” FS No. 2008/082 Series AA No. 0001482 dated 05/20/2008.
  8. “Intramedullary osteosynthesis in metastatic lesion of long bones” FS No. 2008/158 Series AA No. 0001571 dated 31.07.2008.
  9. “The use of tumor-associated markers for the diagnosis and monitoring of the effectiveness of therapy in patients with advanced ovarian cancer” FS No. 2008/215 Series No. AA 0001692 dated 21.10.2008.
  10. “The use of the UBC marker in the diagnosis of bladder cancer and monitoring of patients” FS No. 2008/216 Series AA No. 0001690 dated 21.10.2008.
  11. “Clarifying cancer diagnosis using immunohistochemical markers” FS No. 2008/223 AA Series No. 0001695 dated 10/22/2008.
  12. “Methods of immunohistochemistry and in situ hybridization in oncomorphology” FS No. 2008/244 Series AA No. 0001657 dated 13.11.2008.
  13. “Osteoplasty and vertebroplasty in patients with bone tumor lesion” FS No. 2008/282 Series AA No. 0001706 dated 12/25/2008.
  14. “Laparoscopic ovarian transposition in the combined treatment of patients with cervical cancer” FS No. 2008/283 Series AA No. 0001715 dated 12/25/2008.
  1. “Ultrasound and angiometric examination of the vessels of the external carotid artery basin in cancer patients in need of microsurgical plastic surgery” FS-2007/076-U from 27.04.2007 to 27.04.2017.
  2. “Simultaneous myoplasty in radical mastectomy for the prevention of postoperative complications” FS-2007/077 from 27.04.2007 to 27.04.2017
  3. “Photodynamic therapy of patients with early central lung cancer” FS-2007/078-U from 27.04.2007 to 27.04.2017
  4. “Radical prostatectomy with perineal access using video consistency for localized prostate cancer” FS-2007/151-U from 07/31/2007 to 07/31/2017.
  5. “Method of orthotopic bladder formation” FS-2007/150 from 31.07.2007 to 31.07.2017
  6. “Cytological diagnosis of kidney tumors using morphometric and immunocytochemical studies” FS-2007/149 from 31.07.2007 to 31.07.2017
  7. “Method of radical subcutaneous mastectomy for breast cancer” FS-2007/148 from 31.07.2007 to 31.07.2017
  8. “Operative laparoscopy in patients with malignant ovarian tumors after non-radical surgical intervention” FS-2007/222 from 26.10.2007 to 26.10.2017
  9. “The drug laprot in the treatment of purulent-inflammatory postoperative complications” FS-2007/249 Series AA No. 0001211 dated 12/29/2007
  10. “Endoscopic treatment of patients with early esophageal cancer” FS No. 2006/261 Series AA No. 0001213 dated 12/29/2007
  1. “Anesthesiology and intensive care in oncological operations with intraoperative radiotherapy and hypoxyradiotherapy” FS-2006/049-U from 11.04.2006 to 11.02.2014.
  2. “Nerve-sparing radical prostatectomy for local and locally advanced prostate cancer” FS-2006/072-U from 05.05.2006 to 05.05.2016.
  3. “Option of combined treatment of invasive bladder cancer using neoadjuvant chemotherapy” FS-2006/070-U from 05.05.2006 to 05.05.2016
  4. “Prosthetics method for restoring voice function after removal of the larynx for cancer” FS-2006/071 from 05.05.2006 to 05.05.2016
  5. “Method of formation of the urinary reservoir in patients after cystectomy” FS-2006/122 06.06.2006 to 06.06.2016
  6. “Complex radiation diagnostics of the prevalence of gastric cancer” FS-2006/123-U 06.06.2006 to 06.06.2016
  7. “Surgical tactics in the treatment of patients with metastatic lung tumors” FS-2006/127-U from 06/14/2006 to 06/14/2016.
  8. “Method of reconstruction of the oropharengial zone with a colon-omentum autotransplant of oncological patients” FS-2006/128 from 06/14/2006 to 06/14/2016.
  9. “Radiation therapy in combined and combined radiation treatment of patients with vulvar cancer” FS-2006/129 from 06/16/2006 to 06/16/2016.
  10. “The method of formation of vesico-urethral anastomosis in posadilon radical prostatectomy” FS-2006/131 06/16/2006 to 06/16/2016.
  11. “Detoxification methods in improving the quality of life of patients with common forms of malignant neoplasms” FS-2006/132-U from 06/16/2006 to 06/16/2016.
  12. “Combined endoscopic treatment of patients with stenosing cancer of the esophagus and stomach” FS-2006/167-U from 07.08.2006 to 07.08.2016.
  13. “Cytomorphometric diagnosis of dysplasia in benign tumors and dishormonal hyperplastic processes in the mammary gland” FS-2006/168 from 07.08.2006 to 07.01.2008.
  14. “Three-dimensional reconstruction during endosonographic examination of the esophagus and stomach” FS-2006/275-U from 09/14/2006 to 09/14/2016.
  15. “Methods of intravenous general anesthesia with independent breathing of the patient during incomplete operations” FS-2006/276-U from 09/14/2006 to 09/14/2016.
  16. “Preoperative differential cytological diagnosis of invasive ductal and invasive lobular breast cancer” FS-2006/277 from 09/14/2006 to 09/14/2016.
  17. “Determination of sentinel lymph nodes in patients with prostate cancer” FS-2006/350-From 11.12.2006 to 11.12.2016.

Initial registration:

  1. “Surgical rehabilitation of patients with locally advanced laryngopharyngeal cancer” FS-2005/039 from 21.07.2005 to 21.07.2013
  2. “Radical prostatectomy with treatment of the dorsal venous complex in prostate cancer” FS-2005/046 from 07/22/2005 to 07/22/2015
  3. “Ablation in the treatment of precancerous and initial endometrial cancer” FS-2005/045 from 07/22/2005 to 07/22/2015
  4. “Photodynamic therapy for primary metastatic malignant lesion of the pleura” FS-2005/048 from 22.07.2005 to 22.07.2015
  5. “Anesthesiological manual and intensive therapy in operations with microsurgical autoplasty in oncology” FS-2005/047U from 07/22/2005 to 07/22/2015
  6. “Reconstruction of fragments of the facial skeleton and soft tissues of the face in malignant neoplasms” FS-2005/059 from 04.10.2005 to 04.10.2015
  7. “The use of hypoxia in intraoperative radiation therapy” FS-2005/061 from 06.10.2005 to 06.10.2015
  8. “Chemotherapy in the treatment of advanced bladder cancer” FS-2005/065 from 06.10.2005 to 06.10.2015
  9. “Method of prologued photodynamic therapy of patients with malignant neoplasms of the skin” FS-2005/072 from 06.10.2005 to 06.10.2015
  10. “Breast reconstruction during organ-preserving surgery for cancer” FS-2005/073 from 06.10.2005 to 06.10.2015
  11. “Ultrasonographic assessment of the state of transposed ovaries after treatment of invasive forms of cervical cancer” FS-2005/080-U from 26.10.2005 to 26.10.2015
  12. “Combined operations for cancer of the esophagus and cardiac stomach” FS-2005/099 from 30.11.2005 to 30.11.2015


  1. “Method of formation of the urinary reservoir in patients after cystectomy” RH-288102 dated 08.11.2005
  2. “Complex radiation diagnostics of the prevalence of gastric cancer” RH-28101 dated 08.11.2005
  3. “Detoxification methods in improving the quality of life of patients with common forms of malignant neoplasms” RH-28099 dated 08.11.2005
Contacts FSBI NMRRC of the Ministry of health of Russia
Бесцветное здание МНИОИ им. П.А. Герцена в проекции
P.Hertzen MORI

2nd Botkinsky Drive, 3, Moscow, 125284; Call-center working hours: M-F 8:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m. , +7(495)150-11-22 (information contact center), mnioi@mail.ru (documentation office), contact@nmicr.ru (call-center).

Здание МРНЦ им. А.Ф. Цыба в проекции

Korolyova Street, 4, Obninsk, Kaluga Region, 249036; Call-center working hours: M-F 8:00 a.m.- 8:00 p.m.; S 8:00 a.m.- 6:00 p.m., +7(800)250-87-00 (multi-line phone), +7(484)399-31-30 (multi-line phone), +7(484)399-31-15 (hospitalization), mrrc@mrrc.obninsk.ru.

Бесцветное здание НИИ урологии и интервенционной радиологии им. Н.А. Лопаткина в проекции
N.Lopatkin SRI of Urology and Interventional Urology

3rd Parkovaya Street, 51с1, Moscow, 105425; Call-center working hours: M-F 8:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m., S-U 8:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m., +7(499)110-40-67 (multi-line phone), call@niiuro.ru.

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