Medical Russia celebrated the anniversary of Academician Chissov

A real professional holiday was the celebration of the Patriarch of Russian medicine Valery Ivanovich CHISSOV, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences, who headed the Hertsen Moscow Oncological Institute for more than 30 years. Colleagues, friends, classmates, colleagues in the formation of the oncological care system came to congratulate the hero of the day.


The best representatives of the professional community came to the Hertsen Research Institute for the celebration of the 80th anniversary of Valery Ivanovich, held as part of the meeting of the Scientific Council of the NMIC of Radiology.

The son of a military pilot, he did not come to medicine by chance at all. During the war, my father ejected without a parachute. He was saved by doctors. This episode became the starting point in the fate of V. I. Chissov.

He easily entered the First med, which has always been among the ten most prestigious universities in the country. At the age of 28 he defended his PhD, at thirty-nine he defended his doctorate, and at fifty-five he became an academician of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. He studied with the masters of Russian surgery, and the main one was B.V. Petrovsky, who went to the surgical circle, and then assisted P.A. Hertsen as a student at the Oncological Institute on Devichy Field.

And in 1982 he was offered to head the oldest oncological institute in the country and Europe, named after the great Russian surgeon, founder of the oncological school P. A. Hertsen. For 31 years, the receiver has not only not lost the former glory of the institute, but has multiplied it with many fundamental works, as a great scientist, and the development of the oncological service as a talented healthcare organizer. Orders, awards, awards, recognition at home and abroad. And he remained a surprisingly modest, subtle and intelligent man, who carried through all the trials the love of the profession and the patient.

The meeting of the solemn Scientific Council dedicated to the 80th anniversary of V.I. Chissov was opened by the current Director of the P. Hertsen Moscow Oncology Research Institute, Director General of the NMIC of Radiology of the Ministry of Health of Russia, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Chief Oncologist of the Ministry of Health of Russia Andrey Dmitrievich Kaprin.

He stressed that loyalty to the specialty, to the cause we serve, made Valery Ivanovich a star to be looked up to in relation to the profession, in relation to friends, in relation to patients.

– We are happy that you work at our institute, that you maintain physical and moral vigor, and have the highest intellectual capabilities, continuing to give invaluable advice in the development of the oncology service and the development of the school, which can be called the school of the Institute of Peter Alexandrovich Hertsen and the school of Valery Ivanovich Chissov.

On behalf of the Minister of Health of Russia V. I. Skvortsova, Assistant Minister L. A. Hasanova came to congratulate the birthday boy. She conveyed to Valery Ivanovich the warmest words of congratulations and wishes for health and creative longevity.

On behalf of the staff of the Radiology Center, which now includes the Hertsen Institute of Medical Sciences, Professor N. I. Sergeeva congratulated the hero of the day and presented a traditional gift -a certificate for a trip around the world.

The report at the meeting of the Academic Council on the creative path of Academician Chissov was made by the Deputy Director General of the NMIC of Radiology of the Ministry of Health of Russia, Professor B. Ya. Alekseev.

By the efforts of young scientists, a film was shot and shown with a large interview of the academician. Answering the question of Ruslan Moshurov, who acted as an interviewer, what he would wish for the next generations of doctors, the hero of the day replied: love each other. For love saves the world and works miracles.

Not many people knew until this evening that Valery Ivanovich is a parishioner of the Novodevichy Monastery and is being cared for by Vladyka Juvenal, Metropolitan of Kolomna and Krutitsky. The rector personally came to the monastery’s patronal feast – the Day of the Assumption of the Virgin – to congratulate the hero of the day and present him with a church award on behalf of the primate of the Russian Orthodox Church, His Holiness Patriarch Kirill – the Order of St. Luke the Confessor, Archbishop of Crimea.

The first deputy chairman of the Committee on Education and Science of the State Duma, Professor G. G. Onishchenko, continuing the theme of the ministry, stressed that the Assumption Fast begins with the feast of the Exaltation of the Cross, and this is the most medical post.

“The incident that happened to Valery Ivanovich’s father is not just a coincidence,” he said, “it is a God-given privilege. You just had to become one, and you became a great doctor. Today, the President of the country in his message set us the task of preserving the health of the nation. And one of the first places in this process is oncology. Standing on your shoulders of giants, the young oncologists of your center will develop it.

Member of the Health Protection Committee of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences N.F. Gerasimenko noted that the great love of the team for Valery Ivanovich is a great merit of his attitude to colleagues and patients.

Vice-President of the Russian Academy of Sciences V. P. Chekhonin in his congratulation noted that Academician Chissov became an outstanding head of this institution, a man who in many ways outlined promising ways of development of the Hertsen Institute, one of the oldest institutions in the world.

– A few months ago, together with the President of the Russian Academy of Sciences, A.M. Sergeev, we had the honor to attend a meeting of the Helmholtz Society in Heidelberg, Germany, at which the Nobel Laureate, Professor Harald zur Hausen, delivered a keynote lecture. I was particularly shocked and aroused a sense of pride for the country, for Russian science, when, speaking about one of the actively developing areas, he mentioned photodynamic therapy and referred to the work of Dr. Chissov and acquaintance with him as an outstanding figure, primarily of practical science.

Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences V.I. Starodubov, Director of the Central Research Institute of Health Organization and Information recalled a difficult period in the life of our medicine:

– When in the 90s a number of dispensaries tried to close, others to attach to regional hospitals, Valery Ivanovich stood for the protection of the interests of the oncological service, which was created by the efforts of many predecessors, great scientists such as Peter Alexandrovich Hertsen, B. V. Petrovsky… He did not allow it to be destroyed for momentary reasons of that time.

Every year, the Institute publishes a handbook on oncology – this is the only collection on a separate service, where there is everything: mortality, survival, statistics on nosologies and regions for many years, and we now have the opportunity to compare, make an analysis, prepare a basis for determining national priorities of such programs, which the government has adopted today before 2024. And this is a huge merit of Valery Ivanovich to science.

     To congratulate the hero of the day came: A.M. Belyaev, Director of the N. I. Petrov NMIC of Oncology; S. V. Gauthier, Director of the V. I. Shumakov NMIC of Transplantology; E. V. Kryukov, Head of the N. N. Main Military Hospital. Burdenko; V. V. Neroev, Director of the NMIC of Eye Diseases; L. A. Sharafan, Director of the NMIC of Obstetrics and Gynecology; O. I. Apolikhin, Director of the Research Institute of Urology; I. E. Chazova, Deputy Director General of the Russian Cardiological Research and Production Complex of the Ministry of Health of Russia; V. A. Prokhanov, Head of Clinical Hospital No. 1 (Moscow Kpasnodar), and many, many famous and titled guests. V. I. Chissov and his closest colleagues and neighbors, the chief physician and representatives of the Botkin Hospital management came to congratulate him:

– 80 years ago, in the 40th year, we were lucky: the Hertsen Institute moved here, to Botkin Passage, to house 3, – said the chief doctor of the hospital and the chief surgeon of Moscow A.V. Shabunin. – Therefore, it is no coincidence that we pay so much attention to oncology. During this time we have learned a lot from each other. We are also developing joint operations, unique, in which specialists from both clinics are involved. We are very happy about our neighborhood.

The scientific director of the Federal Center for Biotechnological Nutrition and Safety V.A. Tutelyan addressed the hero of the day in this way:

– I will say for myself: I am proud of our many decades of friendship, I am glad that Sechenov University gives birth to such giants. And most importantly – you are a wonderful person. A true friend who understands the word “friendship”, a large-scale statesman, an outstanding surgeon, an outstanding oncologist and a wonderful, from God, Doctor. Thank you!

The solemn meeting of the Academic Council lasted until late in the evening. Its scientific part was attended by no less eminent scientists who considered it an honor to speak at this meeting of great specialists who are in love with their work: Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences G.A. Frank, Director of the Nasonova Research Institute E. L. Nasonov and others.

One of the honored guests said about the hero of the day: “Chissov is not just a person. Chissov is a wizard.”

     These words are joined by a huge army of patients, colleagues and students of Valery Ivanovich, people who owe him life, health, destiny.

Happy anniversary!


Press Service of the Federal State Budgetary Institution “NMIC of Radiology” of the Ministry of Health of Russia

Published 4 September 2019

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