Obninsk has completed the work of the forum

On September 27, the IV International Readings in memory of Academician A.F. Tsyba “Combined treatment in oncology: a modern view” were held in Obninsk. This event was the final in the marathon of events of the Second International Forum of Oncology and Radiology in Moscow. Experts from Russia, the USA, Greece, Serbia, Germany, Finland, Israel, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Austria take part in them.

The opening ceremony was attended by Deputy Minister of Health of the Russian Federation E. G. Kamkin, First Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation S. A. Tsyb, First Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Social Policy I. N. Kagramanyan, Minister of Health of the Kaluga Region K.N. Baranov.

Opening the Tsybov readings, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences A.D. Kaprin noted that traditionally these readings are held not only to summarize the work of the Forum, but also to pay tribute to our great teachers.

– It is very symbolic that we are in the center today, to which Academician A. F. Tsyb gave his whole life. Anatoly Fedorovich led him for more than thirty years, practically lived at work, and the best way to honor the memory of this great scientist is with our scientific achievements and the preservation of traditions that are strong in this team,” Kaprin stressed.

On behalf of the Ministry of Health and personally Minister V. I. Skvortsova, E. G. Kamkin expressed his greetings to the participants. He recalled that in the next six years the state will allocate an unprecedented amount of 1 trillion rubles for the implementation of the national program to combat cancer, to improve the provision of medical care and its effectiveness.

– This is the creation of more than 500 outpatient oncological care centers throughout the country for 6 years, referral centers based on large national medical research centers, updating the material and technical base of almost all oncological dispensaries and hospitals in the regions, the purchase of unique equipment for both medical and scientific purposes. And, of course, increasing the availability of medical care and, first of all, providing patients in need with the necessary medicines.

He wished success to all participants of the conference in sharing experiences with each other and with foreign colleagues.

S. A. Tsyb read out the greeting of the Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation D. V. Manturov, in which it was emphasized that the Ministry of Industry and Trade in every way contributes to the creation and introduction of safe and effective domestic drugs and medical products to the Russian market. – I am sure that the close cooperation of the scientific and medical community will ensure qualitative progress, – the address says. Sergey Anatolyevich stressed that the Forum is an important platform where industry representatives can actively engage in dialogue with the medical community, patient organizations and international organizations.

I.N. Kagramanyan recalled that A. F. Tsyb undoubtedly belongs to the galaxy of outstanding Soviet and Russian scientists, organizers of medical science and healthcare organizations, whose memory for many decades will be a strong foundation for those who work today and will come to medicine tomorrow. The fact that foreign colleagues attend the forum every year proves without a doubt the invaluable contribution of A.F. Tsyba to the development of nuclear medicine both at the Russian and international levels.

K. V. Baranov read out the greeting of the Governor of the Kaluga Region A. D. Artamonov, in which he noted the special contribution of the specialists of the A.F. Tsyba MRSC not only in the development of the region, but also of the whole country. He also said that in the Kaluga Region, primary care was modernized, large and small institutions were combined with large CRH, patients were routed, medical transport was provided to paramedics, three types of FAPs were set up, oncological offices and centers were being prepared for opening. 7 regional components of national projects and 10 local pilot projects are being implemented in the region. And almost all of them are attended by specialists of NMIC radiology. He thanked the entire workforce and Academician Kaprin personally for the excellent work.

Konstantin Nikolaevich also awarded the honorary title of Honored Worker of the Kaluga Region to Lyudmila Aleksandrovna Dubrovina, Head of the HR Department of the A. F. Tsyba MRSC.

As part of the opening ceremony, the signing ceremony of the Russian-Italian agreement on scientific and practical cooperation in the field of oncology took place. The document was signed by Giuseppe Stasolla, President of the Association for the Promotion of Italian-Russian Relations “Verzo Est”, and Andrey Kaprin, Director General of the FSBI “NMIC Radiology” of the Ministry of Health of Russia.

The cooperation plans include conducting joint clinical trials, preparing scientific papers and creating a unique and first-ever Russian-Italian medical dictionary.

The press center of the FSBI “NMIC of Radiology” of the Ministry of Health of Russia

Published 27 September 2019

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