NMRRC of the Ministry of Health of Russia invites everyone to take part in the V Anniversary Scientific and Practical Conference “Paradigms of drug therapy in cancer patients” with international participation

Dear colleagues, we invite you to take part in the V Anniversary scientific and practical conference “Paradigms of drug therapy in cancer patients”, which will be held from May 25 to 26 at the A.F. Tsyba MRSC – a branch of the NMRRC of the Ministry of Health of Russia, in the city of Obninsk in both full–time and hybrid format.

This event, which has already become a tradition, is held with the aim of bringing together specialists of the Russian Federation and CIS countries involved in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer patients to exchange experience, improve the quality of medical care, improve the professional level in terms of reducing morbidity and mortality from cancer, as well as to update knowledge on clinical recommendations in the section of antitumor medicinal therapy.

The participants of the conference are doctors with extensive experience and modern knowledge in the field of oncology, as well as young specialists who have no less interesting clinical observations and want to learn from the experience of senior colleagues.

The conference will discuss such topical issues as:

  • Personalized medicine – from the molecular genetic characteristics of the tumor to the choice of therapy.
  • Modern approaches to the treatment of oncourological diseases, lung cancer, breast cancer, non-melanoma skin tumors, melanoma, oncological diseases of the female reproductive system, gastrointestinal tumors.
  • Adaptive immunotherapy in cancer patients. Modern trends and trends
  • Innovative technologies in the treatment of metastatic tumors are a multidisciplinary approach in real clinical practice.
  • Oncohematology. Issues of diagnosis and choice of therapy.
  • Oncology in HIV infection
  • Supportive and accompanying therapy in oncology
  • CAR-T-cell therapy in the fight against hematological malignant tumors

Participation in the conference is free of charge.

To register, you need to register using the link: https://mrrcconference.ru/

Press Service of the NMRRC of the Ministry of Health of Russia

Published 18 May 2023

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P. Hertsen MORI

125284, Moscow, 2nd Botkinsky proezd, 3;
Polyclinic 119121, Moscow, ul. Pogodinskaya, 6, building. 1; Call-center working hours: Mon-Fri 8:00 - 20:00, +7(495)150-11-22 (informational contact-center), mnioi@mail.ru (office), contact@nmicr.ru (outpatient department).

Здание МРНЦ им. А.Ф. Цыба в проекции
A. Tsyb MRRC

249036,Kaluga region, Obninsk, ul. Koroleva,4; Call-center working hours: Mon-Fri 8:00 - 20:00; Sat 08:00-18:00, +7(800)250-87-00 (multichanel), +7(484)399-31-30, +7(484)399-31-15, mrrc@mrrc.obninsk.ru.

Бесцветное здание НИИ урологии и интервенционной радиологии им. Н.А. Лопаткина в проекции
N. Lopatkin SRI of Urology and Interventional Radiology

105425, Moscow, ul Pparkovaya, 51, building 1; Call-center working hours: Mon-Fri 8:00 - 20:00; Sat 09:00-16:00, Sunday- day off, +7(499)110-40-67 (multichanel), call@niiuro.ru.

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