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Аппарат для проведения брахитерапии

Brachytherapy is high-precision contact method in the treatment of malignant diseases

Brachytherapy is a high-precision contact method of radiation therapy using a radioactive source, which is introduced into the focus of a malignant tumor, destroying it from the inside.

Подготовка к проведению брахитерапии
  • Organ-Preservation surgery
  • Unique experience in applying the technique
  • Russian radiopharmaceuticals
  • Quota for HTMC

In terms of efficiency, brachytherapy is comparable with surgical methods of treatment, however, the process of preparation, treatment and follow-up care takes much less time, whereby the quality of life of the patient does not change at all. NMRRC of the Ministry of health of Russia is one of the leading centers for application of this technique. Since 2016, the Centre for High-Power Brachytherapy has been established, where, amongst other things, clinical testing of brachytherapy procedure for other localizations is performed: the breast, inoperable pancreatic tumors, and potentially resectable tumor hepatic injuries. Application brachytherapy is used for melanoma and retinoblastoma using Ru -106 and Sr – 90 ophthalmic applicators produced in Russia.

Branches and departments where treatment using brachytherapy technique is carried out

Brachytherapy in the treatment of malignant diseases

Department of radiation and surgical treatment of urological diseases with a prostate brachytherapy group

Логотип МРНЦ им. А.Ф. Цыба

A.Tsyb MRRC Department of Radiation and Surgical Treatment of Urological Diseases with a Brachytherapy Group is the leading department in Russia for the use of high-precision contact technique of radiation therapy using radioactive source in the treatment of prostate cancer

All about brachytherapy

Подготовка к брахитерапии

Brachytherapy in the treatment of cancer

Brachytherapy in the treatment of prostate cancer is contact radiation therapy with temporal or constant installation of radioactive micro source directly into the prostate gland. When applying brachytherapy, the therapeutic dose required to treat the patient is clearly calculated using modern medical technologies. At present, brachytherapy is successfully carried out not only for low tumor stage in the treatment of prostate gland, but, using a combination with a short course of distant radiation therapy, locally advanced prostate cancer can be treated.

Low-power brachytherapy is performed using domestic microsources I (Iodine) – 125, which essentially simplifies and cheapens the procedure, high-power brachytherapy is carried out on modern device for contact radiation therapy “Gamma Med”. In patients with recurrent prostate cancer after radical radiation treatments, as well as after non-radical prostatectomy, salvage high-power brachytherapy using Ir (Iridium) – 192 microsources is carried out.

In oncogynecology intraluminal brachytherapy is used when the special endostates are introduced into the organ cavities, through which radioactive sources are delivered that directly affect the tumor tissue. The therapeutic dose, required to cure a gynecologic cancer is clearly calculated with the help of modern medical technologies in brachytherapy. There are the following indications for brachytherapy in oncogynecology taking into consideration the spread of the process and disease stage in the absence of acute inflammatory process, decompensated, patient’s terminal health status:  cervical cancer, cancer of the uterine corpus, vaginal cancer. Different, according to their physical and technical parameters radiation sources (radium-226, iridium-192, cesium-137, iodine-125, molybdenum-99, strontium-89, cobalt-60 and others) are used for brachytherapy sessions. Modern brachytherapy devices make it possible to deliver the maximum doses of radiation to the tumor nidus and minimize the impact on adjacent organs that fall into the irradiation zone. Brachytherapy can be used as a component of complex and combined radiotherapy programs.

Врач – Борышева Н.Б. – к.ф-м.н. Отделение клинической дозиметрии и топометрии МРНЦ имени А.Ф. Цыба

Recommendations to patients

Brachytherapy includes:

  1. Pre-irradiation preparation – Computed Tomography and creation of virtual model of the pelvic organs and the dimentions of the tumor focus;
  2. Planning treatment parameters, with respect to the location of the tumor focus and adjacent healthy organs and tissues;
  3. Regional anesthesia prior to brachytherapy;
  4. Provision of the quality of treatment in the use of the brachytherapy technique is guaranteed by personalized approach to the treatment of the patient and co-operative  work of highly qualified experts: an oncourologist/radiologist, an oncourologist/radiologist, a topometrist, a medical physicist and procedural nurse.

Rehabilitation period

Rehabilitation after radiation therapy of oncogynecological diseases is a long process. To avoid complications following radiation it is required to keep to the rules:

  • refuse bad health habits;
  • often fresh air and exercise;
  • physical rest;
  • sexual abstinence (for the time set by the doctor);
  • avoidance from physiotherapeutic intervention (treatment procedures, sun-tan, baths attendance).

Dynamic observation is carried out every 3 months for 1 year, then once in 6 months.

How to sign up for treatment?

Руки с ручкой врач пациент

Patient pathway

To solve the question of the possibility of brachytherapy, the patient needs to receive a consultation with the radiotherapist in the polyclinics of our Centre!

After the consultation it is necessary to have a medical check or additional check-up, followed by council of surgeons, radiotherapists and chemotherapists whereon the method of antitumor treatment, including the brachytherapy technique will be selected. Please bear in mind that all the radiation therapy for malignant neoplasms is performed in accordance with VMP (high tech medical care) coupons and is financed from the State budget. You can get a VMP coupon directly at A.Tsyb MRRC polyclinic or at P.Hertzen MORI polyclinic.

The documents required for in-person consultation in the center.

  • policy of obligatory medical insurance
  • the passport
  • hospital release report describing the surgery performed
  • cytological preparations
  • histological preparations  (slides, paraffin blocks)
  • recent examination descriptions, MRI scan
Contacts FSBI NMRRC of the Ministry of health of Russia
Бесцветное здание МНИОИ им. П.А. Герцена в проекции
P.Hertzen MORI

2nd Botkinsky Drive, 3, Moscow, 125284; Call-center working hours: M-F 8:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m. , +7(495)150-11-22 (information contact center), mnioi@mail.ru (documentation office), contact@nmicr.ru (call-center).

Здание МРНЦ им. А.Ф. Цыба в проекции

Korolyova Street, 4, Obninsk, Kaluga Region, 249036; Call-center working hours: M-F 8:00 a.m.- 8:00 p.m.; S 8:00 a.m.- 6:00 p.m., +7(800)250-87-00 (multi-line phone), +7(484)399-31-30 (multi-line phone), +7(484)399-31-15 (hospitalization), mrrc@mrrc.obninsk.ru.

Бесцветное здание НИИ урологии и интервенционной радиологии им. Н.А. Лопаткина в проекции
N.Lopatkin SRI of Urology and Interventional Urology

3rd Parkovaya Street, 51с1, Moscow, 105425; Call-center working hours: M-F 8:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m., S-U 8:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m., +7(499)110-40-67 (multi-line phone), call@niiuro.ru.

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